Time and weather can ruin your deck.Wood and composite decks are beautiful additions to

any home however,over time the sun,rain,winter,well form mildew,mold and fungus that makes your deck look less pleasing.The good news is with are proper maintenance your deck can keep that like new look.In addition to power washing we also offer deck sealing and staining.We use

a variety of sealers,semi-transparent or solid color sealer.o


   We've all seen it before, sun and rain wreaking havoc on a wood fence until it is soft and grey, and all of the boards and nails are loose.Sun breaks down the surface fibers, causing the wood to weaken and turn gray.Rain causes the wood to swell excessively, eventually leading to the breakdown of the internal fibers and the loosening of nails and boards.Keeping a fence clean and sealed will not only save you time and money down the road, but it can also save a few trees.

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